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Minutes of the Oct. 19 graduate council meeting

Minutes of graduate council for Oct. 19 at 3:15 p.m. in Jonas 306. Present: Erickson, Molseed, Silva, Steckline, Alsup, R. Chrisman, and Schwartz. Absent: Cook, Lee, Sander, Montross. Visitor: Momanyi.

Steckline reported on the elections that Alsup and Chrisman were the winners of the at large elections. The chair thanked him for conducting the election and also thanked Schurrer and Follette for their service.

Reports of the Colleges

College of Education - Molseed reported that they are revamping the degree. They are looking for a means to make the program so that it meets student's needs, fits NCATE guidelines, and allows courses to be delivered on time. Currently they are looking at the two cohort concepts: site-based like Spearfish and calendar-based which is still under designed. When the changes are ready they will be brought to the graduate council for approval.

College of Business and Technology - Since Lee was not present, there was no report.

Library - Dr. Erickson reported that the library was facing the continual dilemma of rising costs for books and periodicals and no increase in the library budget. This year, the book budget had been reduced to pay for three electronic sets of periodicals. There will be a shortage of funds next year and no solution appears to be in sight.

GRE - The chair reported that the general GRE is no longer given at BH.

The closest testing centers are in Sioux Falls and Casper. This subject will be discussed at the next meeting.

Distance education - Erickson said that the council needs to consider the policy of distance education in regards to such expenses as students from an off-campus site requesting photocopying of documents by the library. Who pays for this? He indicated he might bring a proposal at a later date.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 16 at 3:15 p.m. in Jonas 306.

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