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Volume XXIII No. 1 - Jan. 15, 1999

Faculty News

BHSU Update





Obtain approval before beginning research projects with humans or animals

Any faculty member or student utilizing human subjects in research projects or animals in research or teaching activities must obtain approval from the animal care and human subjects committee before beginning the project or activity.

For information and application forms, contact the committee chair, Doug Wessel, at USB 9032, phone 6514, or in SW210.

Hills elected to Chiesman foundation

Tom Hills, College of Arts and Science professor, was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Chiesman Foundation for Democracy. He will serve on the board until Jan. 1, 2002.



Minutes of the January university assessment committee meeting

Minutes of University Assessment Committee Meeting of Jan 13, 1999, at 3 p.m. in Woodburn Conference Room 1.

Present: Pearce, O'Neill, Meyers, Myers, Smith, Earley, Golliher, Termes. Absent: Cook, Haislett, Miller, S. Cargill

MSCI Plan of Assessment: A motion was made to approve and seconded. Motion passed.

Reports: The committee discussed the fact that the annual reports assessing the majors for the 1997-98 academic year are coming it:

The reports were due by Jan. 1 and should include:
1. A copy of the original plan
2. the annual report should include

a. assessment goals
b. assessment results
1. there must be multiple measures
2. indicate the location of the data
3. interpretation of the data: what did you learn from the data?
c. use of results/changes in curriculum
1. what changes have been made due to your analysis of the data?
2. what changes should be made due to your analysis of the data?
d. strengths and concerns

The report should also be discussed by the faculty of the major and be available to students. The final document should include the name of the unit, the unit representative, and the approval of the chairs and/or deans and dates of approval.

So far the director has received reports from the majors in the College of Business and the outdoor-education major. The committee agreed to meet again on Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 3 p.m. in Woodburn conference room 1 to discuss the annual assessment reports.

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