Black Hills State University

An investment in our future.

Give the gift that will benefit a student for as long as they live. By giving the gift of a scholarship, you are helping a student gain a valuable education.

BHSU ranks second to last in the state system in awarding scholarships. Of the $15,970,619 awarded by South Dakota's six institutions combined, BHSU only received $944,000 of those funds last year. While our tuition is quite reasonable, for some students it is still necessary to work long hours and take out loans to meet the cost of getting a degree. 

Success starts with our alumni, donors, and friends like you. By providing valuable support to the university throughout the years, you make it possible for students to have the opportunity to receive an exceptional education. From 2009-2010 there were 404 academic and 198 athletic scholarships awarded. Many students rely on this financial support with 10% of academic and 60% of athletic students receiving scholarships.

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Endowed Scholarships

Endowments combine a donor’s vision with the needs and objectives of Black Hills State University. A gift of $10,000 or more will fund a scholarship. You may wish to have the scholarship in your or a loved one’s name. Endowments can be established through a cash donation or through planned giving programs. For more information please contact Steve Meeker, call 605.642.6385 or visit our contact us page. Learn more about endowments.

Estate Planning

Making charitable gifts through your estate plan is an easy and tax-wise way to support something you love for generations to come. You may decide to support scholarships through your will or revocable living trust. These charitable gifts are exempt from federal estate tax and we will receive the bequest promptly, allowing the funds to be put to work for the purpose you intend. There are many ways to support causes you care about through estate planning. Please contact Steve Meeker, call 605.642.6385 or visit our contact us page so we can talk more about estate planning.