Yellow Jacket Delegates

The Yellow Jacket Delegates is a student organization that works closely with the Office of Admissions to provide current student knowledge and experiences to our prospective students.  They share these experiences when giving tours to visitors of campus and by assisting with events such as Open Houses and Off-Campus Receptions.  A Delegate must be an outgoing, personable person and most importantly, must be excited to share their pride of being a Black Hills State University student.  Not sure you know enough about campus to become a Delegate? No worries- we will provide training for all Delegates.

Read the Yellow Jacket Delegates description and requirements. To apply to be a Yellow Jacket Delegate, print and return a completed application to the Office of Admissions or complete the online form. YJD's is a volunteer student organization.  Don't wait...space is limited to 15 - 20 students.

For more information on this student organization and how being involved can boost your resume, please email Yellow Jacket Delegate staff advisors Raesha Ray or Liz Mundorf at Raesha.Ray@bhsu.edu or Elizabeth.Mundorf@bhsu.edu.