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Entries for August 2011

Just a reminder, as you drop and add classes, your financial aid can change based on your credit hours (your financial aid award letter is based on full-time charges).  Please make sure you continue to review Web Advisor to make sure there is not a change to your bill. 

The financial aid processes are complete for those of you who met the financial aid deadlines for early refund processing.  Log in to WebAdvisor and select SDePAY and Current Activity for the most current information on your Fall 2011 billing account.

Expecting a financial aid refund check? 

Financial Aid was applied to student's bills this last weekend if registration and all paperwork was complete.

Fall 2011 Bills have been posted on WebAdvisor for those students who preregistered for the Fall semester. 

Fall semester will begin August 29th if you have a class beginning at 4:00 p.m. or later.  Arrangements for your bill need to be completed by August 31st.