10 Things to Know Before Moving Into a Residence Hall


10 Things to Know Before Moving into a Residence Hall

                You’re moving into your residence hall at BHSU in the fall and it will be here before you know it. You’re probably excited. You’re probably a bit nervous at the same time. Can’t say I blame you. What are you supposed to bring? What is your roommate bringing? What’s your roommate like? What should you leave behind? How will it be set up? Do you need a fridge? Can you bring your pet? I’d imagine these are all questions you have either had, have, or will have. No need to fret, let me help you with your residence hall prep. Below you will find ten things to know before moving into your home away from home.

1.       Get in touch with your roommate. If you don’t know who they are, call Residence Life to find out. It’s definitely beneficial to chat with them to figure out who’s bringing what. This will also help you get to know them before living together. Of course, you don’t want to end up with two flat screens, two mini fridges, two microwaves, and two futons taking up ALL of your space. And trust me, it would.

2.       Don’t bring your whole room. Of course, you will need your basic necessities (clothes, shoes, supplies, books, toiletries, etc.) but you don’t need your Pokémon collection or your set of fleece throws. Remember, space WILL be an issue. Think of what you use often at home and what you barely use. Just bring the items you use often.

3.       Think about your meal plan. If you got the standard meal plan, you won’t have enough meals to eat at the Hive for every single meal. I would suggest having breakfast in your room, as needed. It’s easy enough to eat bars, cereals, yogurts, or fruits in your room or on the go. There are coffee shops on campus which you may prefer to visit on occasion, as well.

4.       You’ll probably want a mini fridge. Since you may be storing breakfast and snack items in your room, you’ll need somewhere to keep them. Between you and your roommate, you definitely want at least one mini fridge. If you both eat a lot, you may want your own. Think about how often you drink pop or sports drinks. If you need to refrigerate 10 Peace Teas at a time, you may need your own mini fridge.

5.       Leave your candles at home. Candles and open flame devices are not permitted in the residence halls. In fact, students receive a fine if they are found in their room. Believe me; displaying an unlit holiday candle on your dresser is not worth a $50 fine. You can, however, have a Scentsy!

6.       You might need a microwave. If you plan on having frozen meals, a cup of soup, or hot pockets often, you may want to obtain a microwave for your room. You only need one per room, if at all. Each residence hall has a full kitchen available for use. Each kitchen, of course, has a microwave. So, if you want to save space, just take your snacks to the kitchen to heat them up.

7.       You’ll be sharing showers. Since you won’t have your own shower, invest in some shower slippers (like flip flops) and a shower caddy. Yes, the showers are cleaned regularly, but that doesn’t mean they’re germ free. During the first week of school, take note of the busy shower times so you can plan around them and avoid waiting.

8.       Bring some personality. Besides your own shining personality, bring some for your room. If you have some posters or pictures, these would be great. You want your room to feel like your room. If it’s bare and boring, you may not feel comfortable in your own space. Chat with your roommate to see what all you can pull off.

9.       Bring a team. If you have a parent, sibling, or friend who will help you move in, let them! You may have to walk up three flights of stairs to get to your room. Having some help, at least in that situation, is definitely a plus. If you barely have to walk down the first floor hall to get to your room, even better, no one will be complaining!

10.   Read the Student Code of Conduct and Residential Standards of Living. By signing your housing contract, you’ve agreed to these two documents. If you haven’t read them yet, you should. They can easily be found on the BH website. Within these official documents, you will find more about what you can bring and what you cannot bring (weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc.). You will also find valuable information about the residence halls and our policies. Be sure to take a look before arriving.


Hopefully, you’re just about ready to plan your big move. Remember, if you have questions or concerns, we are here to help.  Good luck and we’ll see you in the fall!


Michelle Cole

Residential Education Coordinator

BHSU Residence Life

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