Transfer Application

Transfer students are encouraged to apply for admission - online or print & mail - as soon as possible. Here are some helpful guidelines to the application process:

1. Submit a completed application for admission with the $20 application fee to the Office of Admissions (See application fee procedural guidelines below). 

2. Application fee procedural guidelines:

• If you have attended a regental university (Black Hills State University, University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University, Northern State University, Dakota State University, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology) within the previous three terms, (including summer), your $20 application fee will be waived.  If your attendance at a regental university was not within the previous three terms, you will be required to pay the $20 application fee.
• If you have attended a regental university, but have since attended a non-regental university, and it has been within the previous three terms since your attendance at the regental university, your $20 application fee will be waived.  If you have attended a regental university, but have since attended a non-regental university, and it has been more than three terms since your attendance at the regental university, you will be required to pay the $20 application fee.

3. Request that your high school and all post-secondary institutions attended send official transcripts directly to the Office of Admissions. You are not required to send transcripts from the following South Dakota state schools: USD, SDSU, NSU, DSU and SDSM&T.

4. Request a Credit Evaluation (see below for instructions).

5. Schedule an Individual Registration Appointment to register for your classes.

Admission Requirements
Transfer students must have a 2.0 (C) grade point average from all previous college/university course work and must submit all college/university transcripts. Students not meeting the 2.0 GPA admission requirement may be admitted on academic probation. Transfer students must also submit a copy of their high school transcript. Transfer students with 24 or fewer credit hours and students who are not yet 22 must provide us with ACT of SAT scores.

Have all application materials (including application for admission, ACT/SAT scores, high school transcripts, and college transcripts) along with your $20 application fee sent to the Office of Admissions to be processed.

Black Hills State University
Office of Admissions
1200 University Street Unit 9502
Spearfish, SD 57799-9502

Evaluation of transfer credit 

  • Upon receipt of your official transcript, the Registrar’s Office will evaluate your transferable credits and will prepare a status sheet based upon degree information listed on your application.
  • To expedite this process:
    If you want to know what credits will transfer before the application process starts, you may request a credit evaluation.
  • Review our Transfer Guides to see how your credits from area community colleges will transfer to BHSU.
  • To Request a Credit Evaluation:
    • Simply have a copy (official or unofficial) of all post-secondary transcripts sent to the Registrar’s Office.
    • Please complete this form, print it out and mail it, along with your transcripts, to the address below, or call the Registrar's Office at 605.642.6092 for the evaluation of credits. Your intended major and minor area of study must be included on the form.

      Registrar's Office
      Black Hills State University
      1200 University ST. Unit 9666
      Spearfish, SD 57799-9666

      A maximum of 64 semester hours will be accepted from an accredited junior/community college.

      If you earned less than a “C” in a course, the credit will not be accepted within the major or minor, and in some instances, within the general education requirements.

      All students are responsible for fulfilling the general education requirements, as well as the major requirements outlined in the university catalog.


Wyoming Transfer Guides

Transferring from a Wyoming community college? See how your credits transfer with our Transfer Guides.

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