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For more information about dual credit at BHSU, contact Dual Credit Coordinator Elizabeth Mundorf at 605.642.6214 or Elizabeth.Mundorf@bhsu.edu

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Early Jacket Application Checklist

Getting Started!  Check out the Early Jacket Checklist below:

Meet With Your High School Counselor.
Discuss eligibility requirements and how dual credit courses will fit best into your high school schedule.

Home Schooled Students: In addition to the eligibility requirements above, families of home schooled students must submit a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) and completed registration forms to the Department of Education. Refer to the Home School Students section on SDMyLife for specific instructions.

Select Your Courses
  1. Check out course descriptions to see what the course content will cover.
  2. Access BHSU course offerings through the Dual Credit Courses tab, SDMyLife, or by searching through WebAdvisor.
  3. Confirm that your college schedule does not conflict with your high school schedule.

Complete Dual Credit Application

No application fee is required. Do not submit course payment with application. The application period and deadline are listed on the first page of the High School Dual Credit Program Application.

  1. Provide a valid e-mail address that you use and check year-round.
  2. Record the courses you wish to take on the Application Form.
  3. Get signatures from your guidance counselor and parent/guardian.
  4. Include your high school transcript
  5. Include official testing scores
  6. Provide immunization records with proof of MMR vaccines I and II

Note: Returning Dual Credit students need to send a new application for admission each semester as well as an updated high school transcript.

Fulfill Testing Requirements (if required)


To take a college English or Math course, minimum test scores are required to determine placement. Test scores must be included on your high school transcript or be sent directly from the official testing center. If you do not have your ACT/SAT results and wish to take a Math or English course, you must take the Accuplacer Placement Test before submitting the application.


Admissions Decision

Students receive a confirmation email confirming their acceptance into the HSDC Program, as well as their course schedule.  *Completing an application does not automatically enroll you in the program.

Complete Dual Credit Introduction

Access the Dual Credit Introduction through your confirmation e-mail, or through the Dual Credit website. Through the introduction you will set up your following accounts: Yellow Jackets email, WebAdvisor, and Desire2Learn (D2L) for online.

Pay for Classes

Pay your bill right away. Payment is due by the first business day of census each semester. You will not receive a paper bill. Your "eBill" is available to view or print from SDePay when you log into WebAdvisor.

Pay with a credit card or echeck online through SDePay (via WebAdvisor).
Pay with a personal check or cash at the Cashier Window
Mail your check to:

Student Financial Services
1200 University St., Unit 9670
Spearfish, SD 57799-9670

First Day of Class

Click on the Academic Calendar to see important dates including the first day of class. The first day of class is also listed in the registration confirmation e-mail that was sent to you. To see your class schedule (meeting times, location, professor's name), sign in to your WebAdvisor account, click on "My Class Schedule" located under the "Academic Profile" section of WebAdvisor, and follow the directions.
The course syllabus contains the required college textbooks/supplies, attendance and grading policies, and a schedule of when assignments are due. If you are taking a class online, you will find the course syllabus by logging into your course in D2L. If you are taking a class on campus, you will receive your course syllabus from your professor on the first day of class. You can purchase or rent your college textbooks at the BHSU University Bookstore. If for some reason you need to change your course schedule, please contact us.

Please contact us at any stage in the process if you need help.

For more information about dual credit at BHSU, contact Elizabeth Mundorf, Dual Credit Coordinator at 605.642.6214 or Elizabeth.Mundorf@bhsu.edu

For information about dual credit at BHSU - Rapid City, contact Jacob Hamik at 605.718.4194 or Jacob.Hamik@bhsu.edu


Transfer Credits

As stated on the dual credit application, "Students will need to disclose in college applications that they have taken college/dual credit coursework. It is the responsibility of the student to contact his/her prospective post-secondary institution and to provide necessary information so the institution may determine if the dual enrollment credits that have been earned are transferable. While all credits earned will be recognized by Regental universities, the institutions cannot guarantee transferability of credits outside the system."

The following universities are part of the South Dakota Regental system: Black Hills State University, Dakota State University, Northern State University, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, South Dakota State University, University of South Dakota.


To request an official transcript listing the classes you have taken at Black Hills State University, contact the Registrar's Office at (605) 642-6092. 

Adding a Class

The deadline to add a class for Fall 2016 is first day of the semester - August 22nd, 2016. The student must be already accepted to the high school dual credit program. To add a Math or English course, the student must also meet the required minimum testing scores. The student may then complete an Add/Drop Form, obtain the required signatures, and submit it to Registrar’s Office at BHSU.

Credit Limit Waiver

High school students participating in the Dual Credit program may request to register for up to a maximum of nine (9) credit hours each term. Students may request a waiver of the nine (9) credit hour limit by completing and submitting this petition to your campus’s Dual Credit Contact.

Dropping a Class

Dropping a High School Dual Credit class is not recommended. However, we understand that, sometimes, circumstances warrant this being the best choice of action.

In order to drop a class, a student MUST contact the high school counselor to initiate this process. Check with your counselor to determine how dropping a class may impact your high school grade for the class as well as your overall high school grade point average. After discussing all possible actions, if it is decided that a class should be dropped, the student must complete an Add/Drop Form, obtain the required signatures, and submit it to the Registrar’s Office at BHSU by the following deadline:

Dropping a Class before Census Date – 

Individual classes can be dropped for a full refund if dropped prior to the course census date. The census date is based on 10% of the total class meeting time. The "standard" course census date for this semester is listed above. Classes with non-standard meeting dates may have different census dates. A class dropped by this date will be completely removed from the student’s record.

Last Date to Drop a Class with a "W" grade - 

Dropping a class after Census: Individual classes dropped after the census date will be assigned a grade of "WD" (withdraw) up to the 70% meeting date "Withdraw" deadline. This grade is only a notation and does not negatively affect your college grade point average. If a student is enrolled in multiple classes and drops only part of their schedule, there is no refund of tuition/fees. A student is limited to no more than 6 grades of "WD" throughout their undergraduate career, within the SDBOR system of schools. The last date to withdraw for a "WD" grade this semester is listed above. 

Dropping ALL classes after Census: If a student is enrolled in only one class and drops that class or is enrolled in multiple classes and drops all classes within the SD Board of Regents system, they will be withdrawn from school for the semester. Grades of "WW" will be assigned to all classes with a withdrawal date noted on the transcript for the semester. A pro-rated schedule to credit tuition/fees is used to determine the amount of the refund up to 60% of the scheduled class meeting. Between the 60% and 70% date, withdraws are allowed, but there is no refund.

After the Last Date to Drop a Class with a "W" grade listed above, students must not drop or withdraw. Instead, they must accept the final grade as assigned by the instructor.


Students who drop courses, withdraw or are administratively withdrawn, suspended or expelled from the Regental system within the drop/add period receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and per credit hour fees. Students who withdraw or are administratively withdrawn, suspended, or expelled from the Regental system after the date the first 10 percent of the term ends for the period of enrollment for which they are assessed may be entitled to a refund. No refunds will be processed for dropped courses after the drop/add period. Total withdrawals refunds will be based on a percentage of the remaining portion of the semester.