Getting Started

Mentor Requirements
Before college mentors are accepted into the Teammates program, references must be provided and checked as well as a fingerprinting and background check.  Education majors also receive additional training through an Educational Psychology course in how to develop a relationship and demonstrate caring with students. A portion of the cost of the fingerprinting and background check is paid through college program funds. Mentors MUST also attend a training session before they begin the mentoring relationship.

Your First Meeting
The first meeting with your mentee might be your most important. The first impression you leave is the one that will determine whether or not the mentee will look forward to your return. The more you share of yourself, the more the student is apt to share about himself or herself. One suggestion might be a “me” bag. It is simply a small bag with items that tell about you and your interests. This could be a springboard to begin a conversation with the mentee. Things you may want to learn about your mentee are:

  • Family background
  • Friends
  • Favorite sports and or games
  • Likes and dislikes about school
  • Leisure time activities
  • Hobbies
  • Favorite books
  • Things they do well

Helpful Contacts

West Elementary

Dr. Imelda Bratton, Counselor, 605.717.1205 or
Paul Soriano, Principal

East Elementary
Dusty Petz, Counselor, 605.717.1210 or
Dan Olson, Principal

Spearfish Middle School
Ms. Bell, Counselor, 605.717.1215 or
Dr. Elaine Doll-Dunn, Counselor, 605.717.1215 or
Tom Riedel, Principal

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