Graduate Endorsements

The School of Education offers courses leading to endorsements in Early Childhood/Special Education, Middle School, Pre-Kindergarten, Special Education, Math Specialist, and Science Specialist. Check with graduate studies coordinators for specific course requirements. Endorsements are not recorded on the students’ transcript. Students must apply to the South Dakota Department of Education in Pierre to add a certificate endorsement(s) to their teaching certificate.

K-12 Technology Integrationist

K-12 Technology Integrationist
requires 18 credits that address standards plus a 3-credit technology methods course plus 3 years verifiable teaching experience

ED 624 - Computer Applications in K-12 Curriculum (3)
ED 642 - Methods of Instructional Technology (3)
ED 703 - Applying Learning Theory to Instructional Design (3)
ED 712 - Educational Assessment (3)
ED 727 - Technology in Education: Maintaining Equity and Ethics (3)
ED 728 - New and Emerging Technology for Schools (3)
ED 754 - Leadership in Schools (2)
ED 695 - Practicum (1)

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