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Please note:  All of the BHSU endorsements are currently undergoing revisions at this time.  Some of the information listed on the following pages may not be accurate.

Endorsements are added to teaching licenses by a state department of education. In many (but not all) cases, BHSU minor programs cover all courses necessary for a teaching endorsement. Endorsements may also require a passing score on a Praxis Content Knowledge Exam. It is important for candidates to understand that endorsements granted by the state of South Dakota are guaranteed in South Dakota only. Minors are more likely than endorsements to be accepted by other states.  Students must apply to the South Dakota Department of Education in Pierre to add a certificate endorsement after completing the required coursework  Candidates are encouraged to contact other states' departments of education to find out the requirements for teacher certification in those states. Questions may be directed to the Director of Field Experiences

The School of Education offers the following endorsements which are available online:

Birth Through Preschool Special Education Endorsement
Birth Through Preschool Endorsement
Kindergarten Endorsement
Special Education Endorsement

Coursework for the following endorsements is also offered


K-12: Technology Integrationist with Computer Teaching

 K-12 Technology Integrationist w/Computer Teaching Endorsement Requirements

ARSD 24:15:06:63. 
A K-12 technology integrationist endorsement requires three years of experience and an educational technology methodology course in addition to 18 semester hours as follows:

  1. Demonstrate ability to implement key learning theories and methods of instruction and their relation to appropriate andeffective technology integration to include the use and development of inquiry-based, student-centered learning models;
  2. Demonstrate ability to facilitate and model the effective use of multiple technologies into the curriculum and instructional
    practices across content area through the use of appropriate curriculum development models in the inclusion of educational technologies;
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of current and emerging technologies for use in 21st century classrooms;
  4. Identify school teaching and learning needs through needs analysis, and organizing and implementing problem-solving
    actions with teachers and administrators;
  5. Monitor instructional effectiveness and progress of technology integration using appropriate tools and strategies;
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of current research regarding community of learners, instructional practices linked to student
    achievement, differentiated instruction, mentoring, coaching, and emerging technologies;
  7. Collaborate with teachers to support their use of technology in delivery of curricula consistent with student needs and
    district instructional goals;
  8. Work with teachers to integrate instructional practices that reflect a variety of techniques, promoting positive interaction
    among students, and providing appropriate practice of activities and skills focusing upon desired learning outcomes;
  9. Develop school-based high quality professional development opportunities to help teachers refine their knowledge and
  10. Demonstrate knowledge of equity issues in current educational reform to include the awareness and the ability to apply and model to others the ethical use of all technological resources.

Verified teaching experience in K-12 educational technology within the five-year period immediately preceding application may be accepted in lieu of the above methodology course at the equivalency of one year's teaching experience for one semester hour credit for a maximum of three semester hours of the total credit hours required. No state test is required or available to validate this endorsement.

PRAXIS Exam requirements & Study Guide: None
Successful Completion of MSCI Program in Educational Technology

Course Prefix/# BHSU Program Course Title Credits
ED 630 Educational Inquiry & Collaboration 3
ED 744 Curriculum Develpment & Instruction 3
ED 748 Cultural Diversity in Schools 3
ED 750 Action Research in Schools 3
ED 790 Seminar 1-6
ED 624 Computer Applications in K-12 Curriculum 3
ED 642 Methods of Instructional Technology 3
ED 695 Practicum 1-3
ED 703 Applying Learning Theory to Instructional Design 3
ED 712 Educational Assessment 3
ED 727 Technology in Education: Maintaining Equity & Ethics 3
ED 728 Educational Applications of Technology 3
ED 754 Leadership in Schools 1-3



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