Professional Dispositions Assessment



This form is used for admission to student teaching (ELED 495 & SEED 495), program exit (Student Teaching), and/or to document specific behaviors. Please complete and submit this form.

Please rate the candidate using the following scale:
4 = consistently; 3 = most of the time; 2 = occasionally; 1 = rarely; 0 = never; N/O = not observed

Professional Conduct (SD Code of Ethics for Teachers)




Competent Professionals

Demonstrate broad content knowledge

Apply research-based instructional practices

Reflect and think critically to impact student learning

Confident Professionals

Positively impact student learning

Positively impact student behavior

Positively impact student motivation

Caring Professionals

Establish relationships in an environment of mutual respect and rapport as evidenced by students feeling valued and safe

Ratings of “Yes with Reservations” or “No” need specific reasons.

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Also, check that the correct name is selected for Intern Name.