Programs in the School of Behavioral Sciences

Major in...

  • Exercise Science/Wellness/Health
    The exercise science program prepares you for work in health-related occupations and graduate programs in allied health such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, physician assistant, health educator, and nursing.
  • Human Services
    The human services major is an interdisciplinary program that reflects the reality of the human service philosophy and occupations. Human services are concerned with addressing a number of social problems on individual, family, group, and community levels. The program is designed to provide your with requisite skills and knowledge needed to enter careers devoted to serving the needs of the community in a number of capacities.
  • Outdoor Education
    The Outdoor Education program equips you for education positions in parks, nature, centers, zoos, aquaria, natural resource management, eco-tourism programs, camps, outdoor youth development programs, and more. This interdisciplinary major combines studies in natural history, environmental interpretation, and adventure programming.
  • Psychology
    Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior of organisms. Explore both the science and application of psychology in many diverse fields, preparing for either careers at a bachelor’s degree or graduate school admission. Students in psychology enjoy a positive learning environment and a close working relationship with the faculty. Some select students may even have the opportunity to experience psychological research first hand by working closely with faculty while conducting cutting edge research while others may have the opportunity to gain firsthand experiences through field-based internships.
  • Sociology
    Understand life and the everyday world around you using the sociological lens! Sociology is the scientific study of society and prepares you for a wide-ranging number of professional paths including business, government, education, counseling, community relations, planning and development, and non-profit organization opportunities. Our sociology major focuses on the study of family life, population movement, economics and inequality, group behavior, environmental studies, criminal justice and many other topics of social interest. Develop critical thinking skills applying concepts and ideas to real-world situations and learn how all of these things help you build a successful life and career.

Minor in...

Minor in Psychology

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Prerequisite: 1 Semester hour
1 PSYC 103L General Psychology Lab

Developmental Area – Select one of the following: 3 Semester hours
3 PSYC 221 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
3 PSYC 323 Child & Adolescent Psychology

Experimental Area - Select one of the following: 3-4 Semester hours
4 PSYC 302/L Principles of Learning & Memory/Lab
3 PSYC 313 Biological Psychology
4 PSYC 318/L Comparative Psychology/Lab
4 PSYC 373/L Research Methods in Experimental Psychology/Lab
3 PSYC 417 Health Psychology

Social-Personality Area – Select one of the following: 3 Semester hours
3 PSYC 365 Contemporary Human Behavior
3 PSYC 451 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior

Psychology electives – Select any two courses from psychology department:
Total: 21/22*

*Number of hours required for minor will vary depending on which course is chosen from the Experimental Area.


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