Major in Science Education.
Graduate Endorsements

The School of Education offers courses leading to endorsements in Early Childhood/Special Education, Middle School, Pre-Kindergarten, Special Education, Math Specialist, and Science Specialist. Check with graduate studies coordinators for specific course requirements. Endorsements are not recorded on the students’ transcript. Students must apply to the South Dakota Department of Education in Pierre to add a certificate endorsement(s) to their teaching certificate.

Middle School Endorsement

Requirements for the Middle School Endorsement are as follows

  1. A valid South Dakota elementary or secondary teaching certificate.
  2. Eight (8) semester hours to include, but not limited to, junior high/middle school teaching methods, adolescent psychology, interdisciplinary planning, advisee-advisor relationships, cooperative learning and other topics relevant to middle level education, and
  3. Subject areas: A minimum of twelve (12) semester hours in the academic subject area taught, including language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics, physical education, art and music. (See your advisor for the specific coursework in each content area.) A methods class must also be taken in each content area. A fifteen (15) hour practicum in an organized middle school.
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