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Please note:  All of the BHSU endorsements are currently undergoing revisions at this time.  Some of the information listed on the following pages may not be accurate.

Endorsements are added to teaching licenses by a state department of education. In many (but not all) cases, BHSU minor programs cover all courses necessary for a teaching endorsement. Endorsements may also require a passing score on a Praxis Content Knowledge Exam. It is important for candidates to understand that endorsements granted by the state of South Dakota are guaranteed in South Dakota only. Minors are more likely than endorsements to be accepted by other states.  Students must apply to the South Dakota Department of Education in Pierre to add a certificate endorsement after completing the required coursework  Candidates are encouraged to contact other states' departments of education to find out the requirements for teacher certification in those states. Questions may be directed to the Director of Field Experiences

The School of Education offers the following endorsements which are available online:

Birth Through Preschool Special Education Endorsement
Birth Through Preschool Endorsement
Kindergarten Endorsement
Special Education Endorsement

Coursework for the following endorsements is also offered


K-12: Gifted Teaching

 K-12 Gifted Teaching Endorsement Requirements

ARSD 24:15:06:26. 
A K-12 gifted education endorsement requires 12 semester hours, including courses in the nature and needs of the gifted child, curriculum development and teaching strategies for the gifted, the nature of creativity, and a practicum in education for the gifted inclusive of K-12 learners. Verified teaching experience in K-12 gifted education within the five-year period immediately preceding application may be accepted in lieu of the above field experiences at the equivalency of one year’s teaching experience for one semester hour credit for a maximum of three semester hours of the total credit hours required. No state test is required or available to validate this endorsement.

PRAXIS Exam requirements & Study Guide: None

Course Prefix/# BHSU Program Course Title Credits
ED 414/513 Nature & Needs of the Gifted 3
ED 491/492 Nature of Creativity 3
ED 491/492 Curriculum & Teaching Strategies for Gifted 3
ED 495/595 K-12 Practicum: Gifted 3



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