Internship Final Appraisal Form
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Intern Name:
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Today's Date: 12/17/2014 9:07:12 PM

Grade Level:
Clinical Educator:
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This instrument serves as both the summative evaluation of the intern and the clinical educator's letter of reference. It should provide a clear assessment of the intern's level of performance for each of the folllowing indicators using the following rubric, bearing in mind that most interns will perform at the basic and proficient levels; the distinguished level should be reserved for performance that is above and beyond the basic requirements of the internship.

Distinguished: The intern has demonstrated an exemplary ability to model the identified indicator in the classroom setting.
Proficient: The intern is able to demonstrate the identified performance indicator on a consistent and effective basis.
Basic: The intern is able to demonstrate the identified performace indicator well enough to meet minimal expectations.
Unsatisfactory: The intern is unable to demonstrate the identified performance indicator.

InTASC 1: Learner Development
A. Understands how learners grow and develop:
B. Sets instructional goals and measurable outcomes:
InTASC 2: Learning Differences
Ensures a learning environment for diverse learners:
InTASC 3: Learning Environment
A. Manages classroom procedures:
B. Creates an environment of respect and positive climate for learning:
C. Manages students behaviors and responds appropriately to students misbehaviors:
InTASC 4: Content Knowledge
Demonstrates knowledge of content and pedagogy designing coherent instruction:
InTASC 5: Application of Content
A. Communicates with students and other professionals:
B. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness:
InTASC 6: Assessment
A. Uses assessments to guide instruction and provides feedback on student performance:
B. Designs and implements various student assessments:
InTASC 7: Planning for Instruction
A. Demonstrates knowledge of resources:
B. Plans and delivers coherent instruction:
C. Monitors and paces to adjust lessons:
InTASC 8: Instructional Strategies
A. Provides active learning through multiple teaching strategies:
B. Uses questioning and discussion techniques:
C. Integrates technology as a strategy to learn and assess:
InTASC 9: Professional Learning & Ethical Practice
A. Reflects on teaching and learning:
B. Shows professionalism and maintains confidentiality:
InTASC 10: Leadership & Collaboration
A. Participates in school/district and/or professional community meetings, events, or projects:
B. Communicates respectfully and productively with families:
Write a narrative which addresses, in greater detail, the Intern's strengths and areas of improvement: