Major in Business Education at BHSU

Do you want to earn a teaching degree, but also have the opportunity to study business? The School of Business and the School of Education at Black Hills State University have coordinated a program to facilitate both.

BHSU is the premier teacher training institution in the state of South Dakota and an excellent business institution. Business education faculty members are knowledgeable and encourage students to pursue their goals. The faculty has cultivated strong relationships with the secondary business educators in the area, guaranteeing the best experience in local internships and student teaching. The combination of these two specialties provides all students with a highly commendable portfolio and great qualifications.

Students are taught by an interdisciplinary team of accomplished faculty. We have faculty with experience in starting new business ventures;some have operating their own businesses, and holding upper level management positions in large corporations. This kind of practical experience brings a unique perspective to the classroom. 

Take advantage of this combination of highly qualified business and education programs. The BHSU business education major lets you pursue your interests, attain your teaching degree, and work towards a fulfilling, in-demand career.

The School of Business is also a member of the National Association for Business Teacher Education (NABTE).

For More Information Contact:

Dr. Priscilla Romkema
Meier Hall 301

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