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The Physical Science degree at Black Hills State University is dedicated to its students by giving them enriching research opportunities. BHSU, led by Dr. Kara Keeter, is establishing a nuclear and particle astrophysics program that studies the very smallest particles in the universe in order to understand structures as large as stars, supernova and even galaxies. The Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, SD acts as a perfect location to study these particles. There are many exciting experiments and centers to get involved in at BHSU such as the ongoing research in the Optics Lab, CUBED, FAARM, and QuarkNet.

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The Physics Faculty include Dr. Dan Durben,

Dr. Andy Johnson

Dr. Brianna Mount and

Dr. Kara Keeter. 

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Physics at Black Hills State University is a subdivision of the School of Natural Sciences that includes BiologyChemistry and Physical Science. The close association of all of these disciplines in a single department makes for a vibrant scientific community with strong interdisciplinary interactions. Physics plays a key role in the Environmental Physical Science and Physical Science programs. Learn more about the Physics requirements.