Physical Science

Physical Science

The physical science degree at Black Hills State University is designed to provide you wiht rigorous training in both physics and chemistry with introductory courses in the earth sciences.

The broad knowledge base obtained from this degree prepares you for graduate school and employment in a variety of occupations where an understanding of chemistry, physics, or mathematics is needed.

Why earn a physical science degree from BHSU?

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities:The Life Sciences Laboratory is a new 24,896 sq. ft. building specifically designed for the natural sciences programs. BHSU also has a growth chamber, herbarium, scanning electron microscopy lab and many other labs/centers.
  • Experiential Learning:Students have the opportunity to work with faculty as paid research assistants on projects related to physical science
  • Premier Location:BHSU is located 20 miles from the Sanford Underground Research Facility where ground-breaking research on neutrinos and dark matter is being conducted. This close proximity to Sanford Lab combined with a high level of interest among faculty and staff creates opportunities for collaborative projects in the sciences.

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BHSU offers excellent undergraduate research opportunities.