BHSU Chemistry Program

Get your degree in Chemistry

Make a permanent bond as you delve into the expanding world of chemistry at Black Hills State University. The foundation of knowledge built through BHSU’s chemistry curriculum is valuable to all disciplines, giving students the ability to adjust to ever-changing job possibilities. 

Hold the keys to understanding the world at its most principal scale with a degree in Chemistry from Black Hills State University. Chemistry is often called the 'Central Science' because chemists study matter at the molecular level. At BHSU, we have small class sizes allowing strong student-faculty interaction and highly focused instruction. All of our Chemistry courses are directly taught by faculty, not by graduate students as you would see in many other universities. Students who graduate from our Chemistry program have a comprehensive understanding of General, Organic, Analytical, Inorganic, and Instrumental Chemistry and Biochemistry.

At BHSU, you have full access to all chemistry equipment. Our faculty are always eager to work on experiments and original research; as part of the Chemistry program, you will have hands-on experience in the world of Chemistry. Even in the largest freshman-level Chemistry classes, laboratories have fewer than 25 students; in your very first Chemistry course you will experience the benefits of close faculty-student interaction. In our advanced Chemistry courses, the student-to-faculty ratio is even better.

Whether you choose a career in Chemistry or move on to a professional degree, success is at your fingertips when you start with a degree in Chemistry.  Let BHSU lead the way to your future! 

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