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Explore The Living World! Get in touch with the living world as you explore your interests in plants, animals, medicine, ecosystems, ecology, evolution, and the worldin which we live. 

The Biology program at BHSU is designed to give you a broad background and hands-on training in Biology with cutting-edge laboratory facilities. This program prepares you through a rigorous curriculum for advanced study in graduate or professional programs, or for a career in science or science education.

In BHSU’s Biology program you will study the fundamental processes and adaptations on the cellular, organismal, population, and ecosystemlevels of biological organization.  With the changing environment and terrain of the Black Hills and surrounding plains, you have a laboratory setting right outside your classroom door 

We encourage you to conduct directed research with our faculty members. BHSU provides valuable opportunities for you to learn while working with scientists on real research projects, and through interacting closely with faculty though their courses and one-on-one advising and mentoring.

BHSU’s science faculty members are committed to providing the best education possible, and our science students have an outstanding record of accomplishment.

There are also many ways to get involved in the Biology department outside of the classroom at BHSU. On campus there are the BHSU Science Societies like Scientia and the Health Sciences Student Organization and also be sure to check out the national societies. Also check out the Biology Links which include many good resources.

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BHSU offers excellent undergraduate research opportunities.