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BHSU Pre-Physician Assistant Program


Being a physician assistant can be a very rewarding career. To be able to enter a Physician Assistant program you must first complete a four-year bachelor’s degree. BHSU offers innovative undergraduate research opportunities and faculty mentoring to help you achieve your goal of becoming a Physician Assistant. These courses will help you gain entry to the school of choice and help you prepare for the certification tests necessary to become a physician’s assistant.


Courses available as part of your bachelor’s degree that will prepare you for your career goals

  • BIOL 151 -- General Biology I & 151L Lab - 4
  • BIOL 325 -- Physiology & 325L Lab - 4
  • BIOL 331 -- Microbiology & 331L Lab - 4
  • BIOL 381 -- Vertebrate Anatomy & 381L Lab - 3
  • BIOL 422 -- Immunology & 422L Lab - 4
  • CHEM 106 -- Chemistry Survey & 106L Lab - 4
  • CHEM 112 -- General Chemistry I & 112L Lab - 4
  • CHEM 114 -- General Chemistry II & 114L Lab - 4
  • CHEM 326 -- Organic Chemistry I & 326L Lab - 4
  • CHEM 328 -- Organic Chemistry II & 328L Lab - 4
  • CHEM 464 -- Biochemistry I & 464L Lab - 4
  • PSYC 101 -- General Psychology - 3
  • PSYC 221 -- Lifespan Development Psychology - 3
  • PSYC 451 -- Psychology of Abnormal behavior - 3

    Featured Graduate

    Tricia's Story:
    Tricia graduated from BHSU in May of 2006 with a biology degree with a psychology minor. She is now attending medical school to pursue a career as a physician’s assistant.  

    During her time at BHSU she was put on active duty with the National Guard and spent more than a year in Kuwait. The highlight of her time serving, was the time spent going into schools to work with children. Tricia noted that there was one girl in particular, a 13-year-old, who inspired her.

    “Cisse is so beautiful and intelligent. She speaks English fluently and was helping me learn Arabic. Because of what we (American forces) are doing she has a lot more potential in her life. I’m sure she is an inspiration to many others around her.”

    Tricia, who has had a long time interest in health care, is certain she has made the right choice for her future. She says she was drawn to the medical field “because my mother raised me right” and because she sees it as an opportunity to “make a difference in the world.”

    “I know this is what I want to do. I think that by being involved in health care and working directly with patients, I’ll be able to make a positive difference in their lives,” Tricia says.

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    Past Students

    BHSU Students who went on to Professional Programs:

    Virginia Myers (=Cossitt) ('93)
    Steve Sachs ('96, USD)
    Lynn Ensor ('98, USD)
    Kristine Maggi (=Phoenix) ('99, Iowa)
    Christina Doucette (=Kemp) ('02, UNM)
    Demetria Raad ('02, USD)
    Christel Miles ('03, USD)
    Jessica Rath (’04, USD)
    Tricia Beringer (’06, Nova Univ.)
    Abigail Goetz (’08, Samuel Merritt Coll.)
    Amber Broderson (’09, USD)
    Faye McGlothlin (’09, Midwestern Univ.)
    Scott Leroux (’11, Univ. Washington) 


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    Career Options

    General Internal Medicine
    Family Practice
    General & Thoracic Surgery
    Emergency Medicine