Discover American Indian Studies at BHSU

Experience the Culture! Are you intrigued with American Indian culture and the tribes of South Dakota and the surrounding plains? South Dakota and the Black Hills are rich in Native American history and culture. A degree in American Indian Studies will guide you on your own journey as you reach new frontiers of learning.

The AIS major emphasizes the experience of the Lakota division of the Great Sioux Nation. The academic program relies on AIS courses cross-listed in history, language, literature, sociology, political science, psychology, art, and from other disciplines. As an AIS student, you will broaden your knowledge and understanding of the history and culture of Native Americans with special emphasis on the Tribes of the region. Many opportunities to study AIS concepts are readily available each semester.

BHSU American Indian Studies professors share their life experiences, professional knowledge, and research in the classes they teach. They have dedicated their lives to shedding new light on American Indian history and culture.
For example, you will be introduced to the Lakota language to gain a more thorough insight and understanding of the Lakota culture. You will also have the opportunity to be exposed to contemporary issues concerning Native Americans such as state and federal governments, tribal law, economic issues, and cultural education.

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