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BHSU School of Education Job Placement

Students who graduate from the School of Education at BHSU are well prepared to teach in any environment. Recent statistics indicate 90% of teacher-education graduates are employed in education fields.

BHSU offers valuable assistance to students and alumni who are searching for employment. The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences' Recruitment and Retention officer is available to assist with resume/cover letter reviews, and job-fair information. Each year BHSU co-sponsorships the South Dakota Teacher Job Fair and job listings, for both students and alumni alike.

Success at BHSU: Erin Dugan, prepared with a BSED in secondary social science and middle school language arts, was offered a teaching position in Sioux Falls School District. She competed against over 200 applicants for the position. The principal explained that they have never heard a young person interview as strongly as Erin. At BHSU Erin was on the Teacher Education Advisory Board during her junior year and completed her senior year in the Project SELECT program in Rapid City.

Quotes from the classroom: "My student teaching experience has been awesome! Taking over the classroom gave me a first-hand view of what it is really like to be a teacher. Through my education and student teaching experience I feel I am more than prepared to begin my teaching career."

Heidi Bloodgood Student teaching with Mrs. Nicholas South Park Elementary, Belle Fourche, SD