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About Field Experiences

Student Teaching Handbook
The BHSU School of Education’s field placement process includes multiple opportunities for candidates (BHSU students) to gain expertise in real classroom experiences, helping them develop conceptual understandings combining theory and practice. The field experiences are completed throughout the School of Education’s Professional Teacher Preparation Program and are designed to enhance the candidate’s level of professional development in professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

All field experience placements are made by the Office of Field Experiences in collaboration with P-12 schools.

The Pre-Admission Teaching Practicum: Students observe and assist a classroom teacher for a minimum of 40 hours. This practicum is designed for all education students prior to their admission into the School of Education’s Professional Teacher Preparation Program. It is designed to give candidates the opportunity to see a classroom from a teacher’s perspective and to begin interacting with students in real PK-12 classrooms.

The Pre-Student Teaching Practicum: All education major candidates take this practicum in the semester immediately prior to the student teaching semester. The course consists of various contact hours (depending on the candidate’s teaching major) and has increased requirements including the planning and teaching of lessons under the guidance of the clinical educator/cooperating teacher. During this practicum, students experience real classroom conditions and continue to develop their knowledge, skills, and dispositions in preparation for student teaching.

The Student Teaching Internship:This is an experience lasting a minimum of 16 weeks in a PK-12 classroom during which the student teacher works under the direct supervision of a master teacher. During this experience the student teacher gradually assumes full responsibility for the classroom. Students majoring in elementary or secondary education complete this experience in a single classroom. Students in K-12 majors and students with two majors complete this experience in two different classrooms at two different levels (elementary, middle, or high school).

Student teaching internship placements are made as follows:

  1. Student teaching internships last a minimum of 16 weeks at single school site that represents a full-time commitment. In cases of K-12 majors or double majors, students may be placed at two schools for a minimum of 8 weeks in each school.
  2. The final student teaching internship placement for candidates is made by the Professional Teacher Preparation Program through the Office of Field Experiences. 
  3. The clinical educator members (cooperating teachers) selected to work with BHSU candidates have a minimum of three years of successful teaching.

International Student Teaching

Students can complete part of their student teaching abroad. Students will complete ten weeks in the United States and then complete the remaining 6 weeks abroad. Student will be responsible for transportation. BHSU will pay the placement fee for the first six student abroad. Student must also complete a one-credit course that prepare students for an international student teaching placement.  Student can student teach in the following countries:Australia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England & Wales, India, Ireland, Kenya, New Zealand, Tomsk (Russian Federation, Scotland, Spain, and Turkey).

For more information on International Student Teaching contact Dr. Richard Carriveau:

"My student teaching experience has given me an opportunity to prepare myself for my own classroom. I have been able to try many of my own ideas. I have enjoyed my students and my student teaching experience and I feel I am ready to become a teacher."

Jeremy Klingsmith
Student teaching with Mr. Hoff
Central Elementary,
Lead, SD