Frequently Asked Questions & Helpful Links

BHSU offers a B.S. degree in Psychology that already covers multiple topics of focus. You are not required to choose a specific emphasis.
There are approximately 180 students that are enrolled as Psychology majors at BHSU.
You will need 50 Psychology credit hours to graduate with a degree at BHSU.
Psychology Club and Psi Chi are Psychology specific clubs or organizations. These organizations promote interest and education of the field of psychology. Both are a national honor society whose purpose is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of members in all fields, particularly psychology and to advance the science of psychology.
There are seven full-time faculty members in the Psychology Department: Dr. Jim Hess, Dr. Cheryl Anagnopoulos, Dr. Emilia Flint, Dr. Eric Clapham and Dr. Nathan Deichert, Dr. Alissa Call, and William Cockrell.
First, talk to the Professor you would like for your advisor. Then after s/he agrees to advise you, talk to the secretary at the School of Education (Jonas 229) to make the change official.
That depends on your career interest. Biology, Sociology, and Business are some common minors for Psychology Majors. Talk to your advisor for help in deciding.
Your next step would be to continue taking any Developmental Psychology classes. Your next class should be PSYC 202, The Psych Major.
The person to contact about Psychology internships would be Dr. Emilia Flint at (605) 642-6541.

Professors who can help you to get involved in Psychology research would be either Dr. Emilia Flint at (605) 642-6514, Dr. Eric Clapham at (605) 642-6437 or Dr. Nathan Deichert at (605) 642-1283.