Buzz Marketing is an on-campus organization of students studying a wide range of majors ranging beyond marketing and management. Through professional level ventures and dedicated community service, Buzz Marketing strives to create an environment that enables students to develop their knowledge and experience in modern business practices and technology. With our mission in mind, we have planned the following projects:

On top of our projects, members will engage in community service activities as well as professional development workshops and academic conferences. They currently meet every Friday at 2:00pm in the Library. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wei Song 

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has a chapter at BHSU which is one of over 340 student chapters located at colleges and universities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. As local and national members, students learn about the "real world" of human resource management through award-winning publications and educational opportunities. Students build their knowledge of the human relations field, develop valuable leadership and organizational skills, and form contacts today that can help find jobs tomorrow. Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Scarborough 

ENACTUS teaches the free enterprise system to others on campus and throughout the Black Hills. The group creates opportunities to learn how to use the free enterprise system. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bobbi Looney and Dr. David Crawford


 Project Managers:

  • Facebook for Retirees - Jessie Jamtgaard
  • Little Dresses for Africa - Ann Wilken and Sarah Coomes
  • Scholarship Run- Becca Ellis
  • Fall Festival Halloween Party - Jesse Cronk
  • KIVA -Jonathon Horner
  • First-Hand College Experience Seminar - Markus Heinrich
  • Swarm Day Float - Jerred Nagel

 Meeting Dates: Every Thursday at 2:00 p.m. in Meier Hall 306.


Travel and Tourism Club (TTC) gathers students who are interested in pursuing a career in the tourism and hospitality industry and enhances their education through practical experience. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ignatius Cahyanto   


Meeting Dates: Every Second Wednesday


Financial Management Association International (FMA) has over 200 undergraduate student clubs around the world.   Student members receive a number of special benefits geared specifically to their educational and career goals, have the opportunity to participate in a number of competitions to enhance job readiness, and are invited to attend the annual Finance Leaders' Conference, a two-day seminar tailored specifically to business students with similar aspirations and professional goals.


The Financial Management Association of Black Hills State University mission is to act as a direct link between students and the business community.  Through professional speakers, company tours, internships and job shadowing, students are provided with opportunities to develop leadership skills, gain professional training and make meaningful employment contacts through job shadowing, information interviews, mock interviews, internships & full time employment in cooperation with Career Services and the School of Business Internship Director. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Byron Hollowell