Why should you study abroad?

Why study abroad?

No matter where life takes you after Black Hills State University, you will be working and living with people from all cultures and backgrounds. Study abroad challenges students to understand these differences and strengthens your ability to successfully live and work in our interconnected global society. Many returned students have grown into more independent and competent citizens.

Here are some additional reasons to consider study abroad:

  1. Bring additional purpose to your studies.
    Studying history where that history was made, international business at our partner in France, or other subjects with an affiliated program can give those studies added value.
  2. Build your resume.
    Employers ask applicants about their global experience and multicultural awareness. Employees need to understand diversity and how to interact with all types of people in an interconnected global economy. Study abroad will help you in this challenge.
  3. Learn about an international culture. 
    Exploring yourself in a culture teaches you more than you could ever learn in a classroom.
  4. Learn about yourself. 
    You will also be exposed to the way that others view you, which is a great way to reflect on yourself and your own culture.
  5. Travel.
    Often travel is less expensive once you are already away. This can be a great opportunity to see much of the world.
  6. Find your passion.
    Studying abroad gives you opportunities to explore your interests. Internships, new ideas, and new friendships can give you unique experiences to help you to discover your passion.
  7. Become more independent and confident. 
    Venturing away from all that is familiar takes courage, but the rewards of studying abroad definitely outweigh the risks. Students often say that after studying abroad they have a growing confidence and new problem-solving abilities from having to make decisions by themselves.