Learning Spanish Abroad

In the program of Modern Languages, we believe that all students, regardless of major, should take advantage of any opportunity to study, work, or live abroad. Once you begin your career, the opportunities for extended periods in other countries will most likely diminish, so we urge you to do it now while you can. Students often worry about the expense of studying abroad but oftentimes a study abroad program will actually cost you less than it does to attend on campus. One thing is for certain: You will be changed forever once you've immersed yourself in another culture.

For someone planning to major in Spanish, and particularly for those who intend to teach, the importance of an extended experience abroad cannot be stressed enough.  It is the only way to truly understand another culture and, by contrast, your own. 

Discover New Places and Cultures - Study AbroadBlack Hills State University is affiliated with the CEGRI institute in Granada, Spain. Students can attend a 6-week summer program or a semester and receive transfer credits towards their major or minor in Spanish. Check out the summer program in Granada, Spain!  

It is also possible to arrange your own study abroad program and obtain credit towards a degree at BHSU. Visit or email Office of International Relations & Global Engagement to find out more about your options.

Pictured left: A group of study abroad students explore the beautiful beaches and national parks on the Las Islas Cies islands. The shadow of the mountain in the background is the mainland of Vigo, Spain.