Study Abroad at Granada
Study Abroad in Spain

This is an immersion experience at Centro Granadi (CEGRI) in the beautiful southern Spanish city of Granada. You will live with a family. (It is also possible to share an apartment with other CEGRI students and Spanish university students but only if you already have a good proficiency level in the language). You will attend classes most of each day but will have time to travel on weekends. Most of the classes offered are language classes (e.g., grammar, conversation, composition), but also available are classes in art history and culture. CEGRI is a small institute with wonderful teachers and small classes. You will be in class with students from the University of Illinois and/or with European students.

Travel to and from Granada is not included in program; you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements. However, you will receive the names and e-mail addresses of other participants with whom you may wish to organize travel.

Included in the cost of the program are two excursions:


  1. Visit with Jennifer Lucero in the Office of International Relations & Global Engagement in Woodburn Hall, Office #129.

  2. Go to to determine dates and prices and to submit application.

  3. If you have any questions, contact Peggy Buckwalter, professor in the Spanish program at BHSU.