Courses & Credits

Upon successful completion of coursework, students will receive up to 7 university credits. These credits will appear on your BHSU transcript as transfer credits from the University of Alcalá.  Transcripts will be sent by CEGRI to the BHSU records office. If you are a BHSU student, you will receive the credits automatically provided you have passed the courses. If you are not a BHSU student, you must check before enrolling in the program with your home institution to find out whether or not they will accept these transfer credits.

Please note that these courses count towards the total number of credits required for a major or minor in Spanish at BHSU, but they will not necessarily substitute for a course required here. 100 or 200 level courses cannot be used as substitutes for requirements in the Spanish major or minor.

Upon arrival, students are tested to determine proper placement in the following courses:

    • Conversation (3cr - 45 lessons) and/or
    • Culture of Spain 1 (3 cr)
    • Practical Review of Spanish Grammar 1 (3 cr)
    • Practical Review of Spanish Grammar 2 (3 cr)
    • Spanish Composition (3 cr)
    • Culture of Spain 2 (3 cr)
    • Introduction to Spanish Art History (1 cr - 15 lessons)
    • Spanish for Business (3 cr)
    • Advanced Spanish Grammar (3 cr)
    • Culture of Islam (3 cr)

    At additional cost, students may take classes in such areas as dance (Salsa, Flamenco) and classical Spanish guitar.