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A New Name. A New Center.

Black Hills State University - Rapid City is undergoing some big changes to better serve you! Additional programs are being developed which allow you to:

Earn More Certificates

BHSU-RC offers a variety of certificates to further your career.


Take New Classes

Choose from additional daytime classes as well as weekend classes at BHSU-RC.

Enroll in Dual Credit

Get a jump start on your college education. Earn high school and college credit with the same class. Save time and save money.

Benefit from Collaborative Partnerships

BHSU-RC offers additional educational opportunities through collaborative partnerships with other S.D. universities

Earn More Degrees

Bachelor Degrees
Business Administration
   - Accounting
   - Human Resources Management**
   - Management
   -Tourism & Hospitality Management**
Corporate Communications**
Elementary Education**
Graphic Design & Communication**
History Education **new program
Human Services - Community Service, Aging & the Elderly, & Justice Studies
Mass Communication
   - Graphic Communication
   - Integrated Media**
   - Science Communication**
Political Science
Social Science
Social Science Composite Education**

Master Degrees
Business Administration in Applied Management (MBA)
Secondary Education (Project Select)

Associate Degrees
Applied Health Sciences
General Studies**
   - Business Administration
   - Commercial Art
   - General Science
   - History
   - Human Services
   - Philosophy
   - Political Science
   - Philosophy
   - Psychology
   - Social Science
   - Sociology
   - Special Education Paraprofessional

Non-Credit Certificates
Computer Networking (Microsoft COMPTIA and Microsoft MCSA)**
Advanced Project Management**

History Teaching**
International Studies**
Mass Communication**
Political Science Teaching**

**New program

Learn more about earning college credits while in high school through our Dual Credit courses.

Internet Classes
BHSU offers a variety of online courses for students to achieve their degree. Courses are delivered through the Internet using Desire2Learn learning management system.

Visitor Passes
For $100 you can observe a class on a space available basis.This program is designed to provide the public with the opportunity to visit classes without the need to complete assignments or tests.

Course Rotations
Plan ahead. Check out the course rotations to see when BHSU classes are offered at Black Hills State University - Rapid City. Save time. Save money. Earn your degree faster.

Academic Advising
Need advice on which classes to take this semester? If you have completed less than 60 credit hours, you are required to meet with an advisor before registering for classes.

BHSU RC Events




Attendance Confirmation Available
2015 fall attendance confirmation is available on WebAdvisor. All students must complete if attending.



New Student Orientation
Get ready for the Fall semester with New Student Orientation at BHSU - Rapid City.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These forms may be obtained from high school guidance offices, the Financial Aid Office at BHSU or online at .   Black Hills State University's federal school code is 003459.

Applications mailed later than March 1 may not be considered for some programs because of limited funding.

Types of Financial Aid

Financial aid awards may include scholarships, grants, loans and work-study. See expanded topics under Financial Aid (to the left) on loans, grants, student employment and scholarships for a further description of each of the types of financial aid available, along with the Award Handbook. You may also go to Student Aid

Determining Financial Need

The information reported in the FAFSA is used in a formula to calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC). EFC is the amount the student and family are expected to provide toward educational expenses.

To determine financial need, the EFC is subtracted from the cost of education (tuition, fees, room, board, personal and transportation expenses).

  • Cost of education (-) Expected Family Contribution = Financial Need

Once financial need is determined, BHSU will award the student financial aid up to that amount.

Dependency Status

Students are classified as dependent or independent. The main difference between dependent and independent students is parental support - those who have that access are dependent and those who don't have that access are independent. Dependent students must report their own income and assets as well as their parents; independent students must report only their (and spouse's) income and assets.

You are considered independent if you are one of the following:

  • born before January 1, 1992
  • married
  • a graduate or professional student
  • have legal dependents other than a spouse
  • an orphan or ward of the court
  • serving on active duty in the U.S.Armed Forces for purposes other than training
  • a veteran
  • emancipated student
  • homelessness

Correspondence Courses

There are certain requirements for financial aid if you are taking correspondence courses, please review the data by linking here, Correspondence Courses.

Graduate Aid

Students in graduate studies must be attending at least 1/2-time to qualify for aid, which is mostly loans, and must be accepted into the graduate degree program at Black Hills State University.  The federal TEACH grant does allow less-than-1/2-time students to receive this grant.  Half-time is at least 5 credit hours.

Paying of Bill for Fall 2015

Financial Aid Paid/Financial Aid Remaining
Financial aid is based on full-time status; some aid is prorated if you are less than full-time. Awards can be accepted on Web Advisor. All paperwork needs to be completed in time for processing of loans and class registration needs to be in place, PLUS you MUST complete Attendance Confirmation on Web Advisor to receive a refund.  Complete financial aid is scheduled to be applied to your bill on August 16, 2015. After this date you should review Web Advisor's Statement History for "Financial Aid Payments" (aid applied to your bill).  If not all your aid is applied to your bill there are some issues to be resolved, please contact Student Financial Services for assistance.   We will be able to give you a deferment of payment if we have confirmation there is other aid that will be applied to your bill.

Refund of Excess Financial Aid - No lines, checks will be direct deposited or mailed
A refund is created after your "Financial Aid Payments" are greater than your bill. The refund check will be direct deposited (preferred method) or mailed to you at the local address (please confirm during the attendance/registration confirmation process).  All students need to complete the attendance/registration confirmation process to receive their refunds. Estimated processing date for direct deposit or mailing of checks is August 21st, however, again you must complete Attendance Confirmation before refund is released.  Remember, if you changes classes, you may now owe a bill; the refund of your excess aid may already be in process so make sure you check your Current Activity throughout census.

Mid-year transfers
Mid-year transfer students may need to provide official college transcripts prior to the processing of federal Direct or private/alternative loans.

Financial Aid not yet available
If you have applied for financial aid and have not yet received your award letter, please allow four to six weeks of processing time.  Please be prepared to pay your bill through the monthly payment plan or SDePay.

Other aid
Certain types of financial aid may not appear on your bill (e.g.  some non-federal loans, alternative loans that are not transmitted via electronic funds transfer, WIA funds, state Voc-Rehab, Higher Ed grants).  Funds from sources which require manual checks sent to our office will be available at the cashier's window on or after August 17th.  A reminder: Stafford Loans have a 1-2% fee assessed and PLUS loans have 4.0-4.3% fee assessed by the federal government deducted from loan proceeds prior to application on your account.  Outside scholarships must be applied to your account for federal reporting purposes and are divided equally between semesters unless otherwise designated in writing by the donor.

Review of Current Activity on SDePay
Please make sure you are reviewing your charges and aid applied to bill, especially if you have made changes at any point to classes and/or other items which get charged to your bill -- it could possibly be your changes crossed after the refund was issued and you may have different bill now. It is your responsibility to review your Current Activity on SDePay throughout the semester.  If you should have questions about the current charges, make sure you contact Student Financial Services for clarification.  Remember, your full payment of your bill, or arrangement to pay your bill, must be made by September 4th.

Student Financial Services - Financial Aid
1200 University Street Unit 9670
Spearfish, SD 57799-9670
phone: 605.642.6145 or 1.800.255.BHSU
fax: 605.642.6913


Summer Financial Aid

Students who need financial assistance for 2015 summer classes must:

Please complete the summer aid application if you are taking summer classes.  You will be notified of the aid you are eligible to receive; you will also be notified if you are not eligible for summer aid so you can make your own payment arrangements with the cashiers or SDePay.

Federal Stafford Loan eligibility received for Summer of 2015 will affect your 2015-16 academic year loan eligibility.

For more information contact Student Financial Services at 1.605.642.6145 or 1.800.ALL.BHSU.

Student Financial Services - Financial Aid

1200 University Street Unit 9670
Spearfish, SD 57799-9670
phone: 605.642.6145 or 1.800.255.BHSU
fax: 605.642.6913

Mid-Year Transfer

Mid-Year Transfer

When transferring mid-year to BHSU from another school there are a few steps to complete in order to receive financial aid.

  • You need to contact the previous college to let them know your intent. They will need to cancel your classes and aid at that university.
  • You need to contact the Federal Processor via and add the school code for BHSU (003459). You will need to have your Department of Education PIN available to use as an electronic signature in order to add their code. Do not delete the code for the other university, but add the one for BHSU. If you do not have your PIN available, but do have your Student Aid Report, you can call 1-800-4FED-AID to add BHSU. You will need the DRN off of the upper right corner of the Student Aid Report.
  • Once that is done and you have completed all required paperwork, BHSU will be able to process an aid award for you.
  • Mid-year transfers will be able to use Web Advisor to review your award letter; an email will be sent to your BHSU email address or FAFSA email if BH email is not yet available, when the award notice is ready to view and accept aid.
  • In order to have money applied to your bill prior to fee payment, registration and all paperwork must be completed 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.
  • You also need to keep in contact with the Student Financial Services, 605-642-6145, making sure all paperwork, registration, etc is complete.

Student Financial Services - Financial Aid
1200 University Street Unit 9670
Spearfish, SD 57799-9670
phone: 605.642.6145 or 1.800.255.BHSU
fax: 605.642.6913



  • Authorization to Pay Expenses
    The Authorization form needs to be completed for Federal Title IV aid to cover other expenses other than tuition, fees, room and board. Print out, complete, and return to Student Financial Services Office at BHSU.
    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act gives permission for students to have others discuss their educational or financial information with BH officials. Read more...
  • Outside Scholarship Form
    If you are receiving an outside scholarship/grant/award, you must report those to BHSU Student Financial Services. Please complete this form for each additional scholarship/award and mail to address below. If you wish us to email a form to you, please call Katie Nelson, 605-642-6145.
  • Perkins Loan
    Students receiving a federal Perkins Loan will need to sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN) the first year the student receives the award, the MPN will be sent with the award letter. Also, included with the award letter will be the Perkins Rights and Responsibilities form and the Perkins Loan Conditions and Instructions. The student will need to complete the Perkins Rights and Responsibilities each year. Student needs to complete Perkins Loan Counseling found under loans within financial aid.
  • PLUS Certification
    Each year the parent borrowing the federal Parent PLUS loan must complete the 2015-16 Parent PLUS Confirmation Form for a  loan period. The initial Parent PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN) must be completed by the parent signing the PLUS certification; the MPN does not need to be completed each year if the same parent is borrowing the Parent PLUS. Please print out, complete and return to Student Financial Services Office at BHSU.  Please complete PLUS MPN, see site listed on the PLUS Confirmation Form.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
    Upon the student being suspended from federal and institutional aid (see policy in Award Handbook) s/he can APPEAL.
  • Verification
    Those students whose file has been flagged as needing verification need to complete a 2015-16 Verification Form . Please review the IRS Retrieval Instructions for the 2015-16 year.

Student Financial Services - Financial Aid
1200 University Street Unit 9670
Spearfish, SD 57799-9670
phone: 605.642.6145 or 1.800.255.BHSU
fax: 605.642.6913


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