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BHSU Pre-Physical Therapy Program


Physical Therapy is a rewarding profession, providing care that restores mobility and function in patients suffering from physical injuries or disease. A 4-year bachelor degree in a related field is recommended if you wish to go on to the masters level. BHSU requires the following courses as part of the Pre-Physical Therapy program.
Advisor: Dr. Charles Lamb


Courses available as part of your bachelor’s degree that will prepare you for your career goals.

  • BIOL 151 -- General Biology I & 151L Lab - 4
  • BIOL 153 -- General Biology II & 153L Lab - 4
    BIOL 101 -- Biology Survey I & 101L Lab - 4
  • BIOL 103 -- Biology Survey II & 103L Lab - 4
  • BIOL 325 -- Physiology & 325L Lab - 4
    BIOL 123 -- Basic Physiology & 123L Lab - 4
  • BIOL 381 -- Vertebrate Anatomy & 381L Lab - 3
    BIOL 121 -- Basic Anatomy & 121L Lab - 3
  • CHEM 112 -- General Chemistry I & 112L Lab - 4
  • CHEM 114 -- General Chemistry II & 114L Lab - 4
    CHEM 106 -- Chemistry Survey & 106L Lab - 4
  • CHEM 107 -- Organic and Biochemisty Survey & 107L Lab - 4
  • MATH 281 -- Introduction to Statistics - 3
  • PHYS 111 -- Introduction to Physics & 111L Lab - 4
  • PHYS 113 -- Introduction to Physics II & 113L Lab - 4
  • PSYC 101 -- General Psychology - 3
  • PSYC 221 -- Lifespan Developmental Psychology - 3
  • PSYC 451 -- Psychology of Abnormal Behavior - 3

Featured Graduate

Holly Freudenberg: 2002 Graduate with a Biology Major.
Following her undergraduate work here at BHSU, Holly attended University of North Dakota. She then worked as a Physical Therapist at Katterbach Health Clinic in Katterbach, Germany. She now works for Benefis Health care in Great Falls, MT.

"I have worked at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Dothan, AL where I focused in neurological and orthopedic inpatient rehab.  Following that, I worked at Katterbach (Germany) Army Health Clinic, where I worked with patients (mainly soldiers but a few family members) on an outpatient orthopedic basis.  I'm currently employed at Benefis Healthcare in Great Falls, MT as an acute care and inpatient rehab PT.  I'm also beginning work on a NAIOMT manual therapy certification."

"BHSU prepared me for graduate school and my career as a physical therapist in a number of different ways.  Professors for graduate school pre-requisites taught me the importance of organization and effective studying.  I developed relationships with them that led to great recommendations for graduate school, and that continue to this day.  The field of physical therapy is shifting to a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree to support its evidence-based practice (meaning that PTs' methods of practice are constantly changing based on current research studies). With that shift, doctoral programs are focusing more on research to support what we do.  I was able to apply the research skills that I developed on various projects at BH to fulfill the scholarly project requirement for my DPT degree."

"Advice I would give to anyone considering a career in PT would be to remember that you're not going to find all the answers in a book, and you're not going to learn everything in school.  I'd also tell them to keep an open mind about what area of PT you want to focus on." 

Are you interested in BHSU's Pre-Physical Therapy degree program?  Contact us for more information.

Past Students

BHSU Students who went on to Professional Physical Therapy Programs:

Timothy Cass ('92)
Eric Oestmann ('92)
Deborah Burckhard (‘95, USD)
Kim Crosswait ('95, USD)
Jody (Wherley) Verhey  ('98, USD)
Katie Loy ('98, Hardin-Simmons)
Moon (Jarvis) Hemeyer  ('99, USD)
Holly Boehnke ('02, UND)
Alenda Overland ('02, St. Ambrose)
Lindsay (Whitley) Belcher  ('03, Univ. Puget Sound)
Amanda Vaughn (’04, Mayo Clinic)
Heather Combs (’05, USD)
Surrena Davidson (’05, Montana)
Ryan Schrock (’05, UND)
JR Grabinger (’06, USD)
Jessica Mort (’06, Texas Tech.)
Cole Seppie (’07, Utah)
Craig Triplett (’08, Mayo Clinic)
Jaime Adams (’09, UND)
Mike Evenson (’09, USD)
Samantha Mushitz (’09, USD)
Liz Woodruff (’09, USD)
Matt Fuhr (’10, UND)
Dan Jensen (’10, Univ. Minn.)
Kate Maher (’10, Med. Univ. SC)
Shauna O’Conner (’10, USD)
April Schreurs (’11, USD)

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