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Physics Research

Interested in Physics Research?

There are many ways for you to be involved in BHSU physics research.  We are always looking for enthusiastic new students!  There are opportunities for involvement during the summer as well as the school year.  The BHSU physics program is growing, and you can be a part of it!  Come visit us in Jonas Science 165 for a tour of the lab or stop by next door to visit with Dr. Keeter about your future in physics at BHSU. 

What We Do

BHSU is establishing a nuclear and particle astrophysics program that studies the very smallest particles in the universe in order to understand structures as large as stars, supernova, and even galaxies. Two elusive particles, neutrinos and dark matter, are the current subject of intense debate and interest. In fact, national advisory committees list investigating the nature of dark matter and neutrinos among the highest priority questions in particle physics today.

Although these particles arrive at the Earth from space, they are so hard to “see” that it is necessary to place the detectors deep underground, to shield from background “noise” found on surface. Sanford Underground Research Facility will be among the world’s premier locations for such research, and work has already begun at the interim Sanford Lab. BHSU scientists are involved in collaborations with physicists from prestigious institutions throughout the United States and the world to study neutrinos and dark matter. Find out more about the centers hosting Physics research...

These internationally recognized experiments have the potential to change the basic Standard Model of Particle Physics and to forever enhance our understanding of the universe. QuarkNet at Black Hills State University offers teachers a unique opportunity to participate in this ground‑breaking research.Find out more about the experiments being conducted by BHSU...