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There are several centers that BHSU is involved with to further our Physics program. A few of these centers include QuarkNet, CUBED and FAARM.


is a national educational and outreach program that is highly respected in the particle physics community. By funding the BHSU Center, the particle physics community shows great support in the developing SURF Physics program at BHSU. The BHSU QuarkNet Center is committed to providing opportunities to high school teachers from both East River and West River, and especially to the Tribal schools. Learn more about QuarkNet...


(Center for Ultra-low Background Experiments at SURF) is a 2010 Research Center that was created by the state of South Dakota. CUBED will provide additional research opportunities in physical science. This is one of seven 2010 Research Centers established under the direction of Gov. Mike Rounds. The CUBED center, which also includes faculty members from other S.D. state universities, will develop a critical mass of expertise necessary for the state to fully participate in large-scale projects at the underground lab. In addition to Dr. Kara Keeter, Dr. Dan Durben, physics professor, and Dr. Mike Zehfus, chemistry professor, are involved with this work.


(Facility for the Acquisition and Assay of Radiopure Materials)is designing a dedicated facility for low background counting and other assay techniques for science experiments going into SURF.