Applied Health Sciences 2 Year Plan

Applied Health Sciences - 2 YEAR PLAN
The Required Core is highly recommended to be taken as listed.


Fall Semester
BIOL 123/L Basic Physiology & Lab*
MATH 281 Introduction to Statistics
Choose 1: PHYSC 221 Lifespan Developmental Psychology* or SOC 380 Sociology of Life Cycles *^
SPCM 101, 215, or 222 (gen-ed)

Spring Semester
Arts & Humanities (gen ed; ENGL 210 recommended)
BIOL 121/L Basic Anatomy & Lab**
ENGL-101 Composition I (pre-req for ENGL-201; gen ed)
Social Science (gen ed; PSYC-101 and SOC-100 or SOC-150 recommended)


Fall Semester
Arts & Humanities (gen ed; PHIL 220** recommended)
CHEM 106/L Chemistry Survey & Lab* (pre-req for CHEM 107 & BIOL 231)
ENGL 201 Composition II (gen ed)
HLTH 315 Human Nutrition* OR HLTH 422 Nutrition
PHYSC 221 Lifespan Developmental Psychology*
SOC-380 Sociology of Life Cycles*^

Spring Semester
BIOL 231/L General Microbiology & Lab**
BIOL 286 Word Origins**
CHEM 107/L Organic and Biochemistry Survey & Lab
Social Science (gen ed; PSYC 101 and SOC 100 or SOC 150 recommended)

* Fall Only Classes
** Spring Only Classes
^ Even Years
^^ Odd Years