BHSU Physical Education Program

Are you are fascinated by human movement?

Do you have a passion for living an active lifestyle that allows you to be outdoors? Would you enjoy sharing your experiences in play, games, sports, and adventure activities while positively impacting the lives of youth? If you can answer ‘yes’, then BHSU’s Physical Education program is for you! 

Make a Statement
Joining the PE program at BHSU makes the statement that you have a passion for human movement and want to help others appreciate and develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities for an active, healthy lifestyle. We will prepare you to be a competent, confident, and caring physical educator

Practice Real Life Teaching
As a BHSU student you will actually be teaching rather than just hearing or reading about physical education.  Our PE program focuses on experiencing and understanding how a human body works relative to movement.  We also emphasize the development of performance and teaching skills to enable you to create, implement, and assess physical education lessons for any grade from K-12. You can practice real life teaching lessons in our awesome facilities with actual children!

P.E. & Health certificates are K-12 programs that enable students to teach at any level in each subject area.

Facilities at BHSU

BHSU provides state-of-the art facilities, including an indoor and outdoor track, competitive-sized pool, an extensive fitness room with a variety of cardiovascular machines, free weights and weight machines, a large gymnasium, a mirrored dance room, as well as a low ropes course, all of which are available for class use and personal use.  Come join the class of extraordinary people working to achieve, maintain and teach a healthy living style to the future of our nation and make a difference.

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