Careers: the possibilities are endless with a degree in Physical Education

What can you do with a degree in Physical education?

You have the opportunity and capability to positively impact children’s lives!  Your ability to ‘turn kids on’ to a physically active lifestyle literally provides children with the opportunity and skills to have a healthier, happier, and more enriched life.  You can do this in numerous environments:  teaching K-12 physical education classes in schools is the most apparent.  However, other possibilities include:

  • Working for Boys and Girls Clubs or recreation centers
  • Managing city recreation programs
  • Coaching
  • Working in recreation retail. 

Full immersion with an educational or other physically active setting, provides you with daily contact with youth to model your passion for human movement and involvement with fun physical activities.

Interested in Graduate School?
Successful PE graduates from BHSU have the capability to enter graduate school.  However, quite honestly, you should get some experience under your belt first; otherwise, graduate level discussions are less meaningful for a recent degree holder than someone who has taught full time for a few years.  Opportunities for graduate study abound:  teaching, curriculum, sport science, and coaching.  Former students have been successful in all of them.

Over 96% Placement rate

Our Physical Education teaching graduates are teaching!  We have over 96% placement rate at all levels of public school and in many different states.  Additionally, BHSU Physical Education are working for Boys and Girls Clubs or recreation centers, managing city recreation programs, coaching, or working in recreation retail.

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