Applied Technical Science
If you have an Associate of Applied Science degree you can transfer up to 64 credit hours toward a Bachelor of Applied Technical Science degree here at BHSU. A Bachelor of Applied Technical Science degree will provide you the basic business skills required in management positions or to start a business. This degree will also supply you with the technical and organizational skills employers demand in today’s world.


Business Administration

  • Accounting Specialization
    Specialize in Accounting, and join an in-demand field with excellent starting wages. Earn a degree that will prepare you to analyze and evaluate all aspects of business operations.
  • Economics & Finance
    Specialize in Economics and Finance and be prepared to face the economic challenges in the world today. Gain the tools necessary for solving problems associated with asset valuation and investment decisions.
  • Entrepreneurial Studies
    Specialize in Entrepreneurial Studies, and learn about financial accounting, taxation, budgeting, human resource management, marketing, production, ethics, and legal and regulatory issues. Develop expertise in the company of other aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Human Resource Management
    Specialize in human resource management and be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to assume entry-level professional employment within many organizations both public and private.
  • Management
    Specialization in management and learn to manage people and company resources. By acquiring analytical problem solving skills, leadership techniques, resource management skills and personnel development expertise, you will put yourself in a position to assume entry-level professional employment in management.
  • Marketing
    Specialize in marketing, a dynamic field with many dimensions, including product selection and planning, product distribution, pricing, and promotion. This field poses many challenges and yields generous rewards for those meeting these challenges.
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
    Specialize in Tourism & Hospitality Management and benefit from the opportunity to learn in the heart of one of the premier tourist destinations in the world—the beautiful Black Hills, visited by millions of tourists annually.

Business Education
Do you want to earn a teaching degree, but also have the opportunity to study business? The business education program at BHSU will facilitate both. Have the chance to earn a degree that will allow you to teach secondary business classes and develop your knowledge and interest in business.


Engineering Technology / Industrial Technology Education
Technology is everywhere: advanced manufacturing, computer-aided drafting, alternate energy systems, rapid prototyping and much more. Engineering Technology provides you with business management skills, technical knowledge and an understanding of the entrepreneur process. This program creates a synergy by connecting technical skills with management skills.


Military Science
Through the Military Science program, you will learn to become a leader—not just a person who gives orders, but a person who leads by example. You'll be driven! You will learn specific skills such as leadership development, military skills, and adventure training.


Professional Accountancy
This degree is designed specifically to prepare you for a successful career in professional accountancy within many organizations. The Professional Accountancy program prepares you for passage of the general Uniform Certified Public Accounting Examinations, as well as other specialized professional accountancy examinations.


MBA in Applied Management (Master of Business Administration)
The MBA in Applied Management is intended to facilitate the career development of working professionals and others seeking a career in management. Demonstrate the capacity to apply integrated knowledge of entrepreneurship, business law, finance & accounting, human resource management, information technology, and marketing small business in a global arena. Use quantitative and qualitative tools to solve problems, make decisions, and execute strategic plans. Articulate and apply an understanding of internal, external and technological resources to lead and manage people engaged in the small business world to thrive in the 21st century.