Black Hills State Univeristy Students in Marketing
Specialize in Tourism & Hospitality Management

Do you enjoy enriching others’ lives while enjoying a “second pay-check” in the form of living in beautiful resort areas with abundant outdoor recreation and cultural opportunities? The Tourism and hospitality management is a great field for you!

Here is your opportunity to learn in the heart of one of the premier tourist destinations in the world—the beautiful Black Hills, visited by millions of tourists annually. Through internships, guest lectures, and field trips you can learn from the talented and experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who have made tourism and hospitality the region’s top economic sector. This will give you a competitive edge as you start your career.

The Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) Program is a specialization within the Business Administration Major (BADM) in the School of Business. As part of this program you will take the same pre-Business and Business core courses required of all BADM majors, followed by 18 semester hours of courses focused on tourism and hospitality management, e.g., restaurant management, lodging management, tourism planning and development, conventions, meetings, and event planning.

Gain practical insights into the field of Tourism and Hospitality Management with the expertise of experienced faculty, and through field trips, guest lectures, and internships. Become prepared to be leaders in the exciting and growing hospitality and tourism field at Black Hills State University.

For More Information Contact:
Dr. Ignatius Cahyanto
Meier Hall 335


Looking for a Scholarship?

Students are annually eligible for 19 scholarships administered by the School of Business: nine intended for general business students, five intended for business administration students, and five intended for tourism and hospitality management students. In addition, students can apply for scholarships offered by the International Foodservice Editorial Council, the Travel Industry Association of American, and other organizations.

Check out the scholarships page to discover more opportunities!

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