Careers and Graduate possibilities with a Management degree

Management graduates will be ready to assume leadership positions in a wide variety of management areas in for-profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations. Many of our graduates are working as managers in a variety of businesses. Others have started and are successfully operating their own businesses. Many of the businesses and organizations throughout Western South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming are being managed by graduates of BHSU.

Are you interested in graduate school?
A Management degree is also excellent preparation for graduate business studies, so some have gone on to graduate school. A recent graduate went on to pursue a degree at Harvard.

Many excellent graduate programs in Management are available throughout the United States and in other countries. A bachelor’s degree in management will provide you with the necessary course work to be accepted into most of these programs.

Because of the small class sizes, instructors are able to get to know the students. This makes it very easy for faculty to write letters of recommendation to accompany your graduate school application.