Get Involved: Gain valuable experience with Internships and Independent Studies

BHSU offers a variety of different ways to get involved.  Internships and Independent Studies are just a few ways to grow within the program and continually gain knowledge and experience.

Internships provide the unique opportunity for both students and employers to experience one another in a controlled environment. For the student, internships get them to the front of the line, so to speak, with direct exposure to the working environment they will soon be entering. For the employer, this becomes an opportunity to see the latest and best in the graduating workforce. All BHSU faculties will work with students who are interested in participating in an internship experience.

Within the Engineering Technology Bachelor's degree program ALL SPECIALIZATIONS INCLUDE A MANDATORY INTERNSHIP.

Independent Studies:
The Engineering Technology department has been involved with many independent study opportunities that focus on the specific area of interest to the student. Projects from topographic modeling, to air supported structures, and the history of architectural homes in the Northern Black Hills have been undertaken. These and many other studies involve the student in unique and unexplored areas of research and investigation.