Black Hills State University Students Analyze in Economics and Finances
Gain practical knowledge and experience

Buzz Marketingis an on-campus organization of students studying a wide range of majors ranging beyond marketing and management. The mission of Buzz Marketing is to provide members with an opportunity for professional growth and knowledge through the establishment of projects focused on the marketing needs of local for profit and not for profit organizations. Previous projects include the 2010 Student Summit Marketing Competition, American Advertising Federation Conference, published press releases and advertising for the SCA’s BAM Festival, Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Black Hills Wrestling Federation and other University based organizations. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wei Song and Dr. Heekwon Jung

The Jacket Investment Club (JIC) was founded to enhance student learning and engagement in the financial market and provide information for students who are interested in stock market investment. In particular, the club is formed as a legal partnership entity to give students a vehicle to invest their own money and learn how to analyze securities. Faculty Advisor: Mr. Don Looney  or Dr. Pat Mackin     

 Sigma Beta Delta (SBD) is an international honor society for students of business, management, and administration whose goals are 1) to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of the business disciplines and 2) to encourage and promote aspirations toward personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind. The BHSU Chapter of SBD, the only one in the state of South Dakota, inducts new members who have been invited as the result of demonstrated scholarly success.  Faculty Advisor: Ms. Jean Johnson  

 Sigma Iota Epsilon (SIE) is both an honorary and professional fraternity.  Its general purpose is two-fold:  to encourage and recognize scholastic excellence and to promote cooperation between the academic and practical aspects of management.  The BHSU Chapter of SIE inducts new members who have been invited as the result of demonstrated scholarly success. Faculty Advisor:  Ms.Verona Beguin 

The purposes of Sigma Iota Epsilon are:

  • To stimulate interest and achievement in the field of management
  • To stimulate scholarship in management
  • To facilitate contacts between students and practicing managers
  • To recognize persons who have made contributions to the field of management
  • To gain recognition of the contribution and value of scholastic achievement in the management disciple. 

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has a chapter at BHSU which is one of over 340 student chapters located at colleges and universities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. As local and national members, students learn about the "real world" of human resource management through award-winning publications and educational opportunities. Students build their knowledge of the human relations field, develop valuable leadership and organizational skills, and form contacts today that can help find jobs tomorrow. Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Scarborough  

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) teaches the free enterprise system to others on campus and throughout the Black Hills. The group creates opportunities to learn how to use the free enterprise system. Faculty Advisor: Ms. Verona Beguin and Dr. Bobbi Looney


Pre-Law Association The purpose of the Pre-law association is to assist BHSU students interested in pursuing a career in law. Specifically, we provide information relative to taking the LSAT. We also provide information regarding legal careers and we attempt to tour the USD School of Law each Spring. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ken Schallenkamp 


Travel and Tourism Club (TTC)gathers students who are interested in pursuing a career in the tourism and hospitality industry and enhances their education through practical experience. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kwangsoo Park 

Student Leaders:

  • President- Sarah McFarland 
  • Vice President- Danielle Derby
  • Secretary- Brie Groves