Special Olympics World Games Blog

Special Olympics World Games Blog

Dr. B: There were several things that were great about my day today. Breakfast with Dan Jansen and Michelle Kwan was a pretty great highlight. Also at breakfast, I got the chance to get “geeked out” as I heard two coaches from Canada talking to each other about the research going on at Black Hills State University. They were talking about my study even better than I can, and they said it was such a great idea because it will benefit the athletes. That was a pretty high compliment. One thing that is not so great about my day besides the rain that cancelled all of the outdoor events is that I am fighting an awful cold that took my voice for a good chunk of today; that made it extremely hard to talk to coaches and athletes. Finally, tonight’s highlight was that I learned the Canadian National Anthem and sang it to some of the athletes from the Canadian team. The athletes enjoyed teaching me and then they thoroughly enjoyed laughing at me when I couldn’t remember all of the words.

Devon: A good thing about today was getting the option to head to the other sporting venues and check out the environments there. The events indoors are very loud, supportive, and encouraging for the athletes to perform well and have a good time. A bad portion of the day was confirming the lingering thought that the indoor venues would be less than ideal to interview in. Another good part of the day was getting a chance to watch a few of the events and cheer on the athletes after we could not get the surveys completed.

Peter: One good thing today was definitely the awesome coat I got from Dr. B. It is an awesome story, ask Dr. B about it. A bad thing was roasting inside a giant room. Another awesome thing today was working with the athletes.

Lauren: Today I got a well needed nap and now I feel a bit more caught up on my sleep.
It did rain all day so it was pretty dead in the village here. Hidden blessing.
I got to see Michelle Kwan and Hannah Teter during breakfast. Good thing I got up at 5:45am to see them.

Alyssa: I really enjoyed watching the athletes perform today. I got to go to speed skating and floor hockey. One of the floor hockey games was the memorial game that the Isle of Man participated in after losing an athlete on their team. It was a really special moment, and I feel honored to have witnessed it. One bad part of today was the food at lunch. It was all very cold, and strange. I realize that they are trying really hard to make us food that we are familiar with, so I am okay it. Another good thing about today was meeting more athletes at dinner. I talked with some guys from Ireland, and they were hilarious!

Nicole D: Good thing: Rain! Oh, boy it rains in Korea! I have not seen rain in months, and I only had to go halfway around the world for it. Bad thing: Korean bus drivers are hard on the breaks. Very, very nauseating. Good thing: Floor hockey is amazing. The athletes were so passionate. My favorite part is at the end, both teams take a group photo. Everyone is together, laughing and having a good time, it’s very hard to tell who won and who lost.

Amanda: One good thing that happened today was seeing pro-snowboarder Hanna Teter. An unfortunate thing that happen today was that it was raining all day and having to walk around through all the puddles. Another good thing about today is that I feel more comfortable going up to teams and speaking with them about the survey.

Hilary: One cool thing that happened to me was that I learned that San Marino is actually a country in Italy and I got to meet some athletes from that country and survey them. The worst part of the day was that it rained literally all day and my shoes aren’t water proof. Another cool thing that happened today is that an athlete from Canada actually remembered my name and asked how my day was. I thought that was really cool, I was definitely flattered.

Morgan: A good part of my day was getting to see the different venues for floor hockey and speed skating. A bad part was standing out in the rain waiting for the bus to get back to the hotel. Another interesting part of the day was being included in so many photographs with many different countries today.

Janie: A good part of the day was forming a relationship with Argentina. The couch has given me the opportunity to chat with the athletes even though there is a horrible language barrior. A bad thing was getting confused trying to find a bus to ride back and forth to the different events. A final great thing was talking to all the different countries at dinner. I’ve met so many different people from so many different countries in such a short time.

Nicole J.: I loved that we were able to spend more time with the athletes today. Between breakfast and dinner today we were able to meet several teams and interact with many athletes. Another great thing about today was the cultural event. Today was traditional Korean folk music and it was nothing short of amazing. One of the challenges that we faced today was the incredibly rainy weather.
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