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Special Olympics World Games Blog


It is the night before we board the plane to South Korea. I am feeling excited because of all the new experiences that will be rushing to us, anxious because of the tremendously long flight and beyond all else I have so many butterflies in my stomach with every other possible emotion that I can hardly contain myself. The past few days I have packed and unpacked my baggage many times to make sure I am not missing anything. My scale at home is proving to be very unreliable so I am hoping that I make it on the plane without being over the maximum weight limit for my baggage. However, I feel confident in my packing. My biggest worry right now is actually something rather small… and that is… what will the availability be to a washer and dryer while I am over there. If worst comes to worst I will wash my clothes in the sink, but I want to be sure that I have clean clothes. The number one mistake with packing is to over pack; which is what I’m trying to avoid.

South Korea. SOUTH KOREA! Whatcollege student would imagine that they would be going to SOUTH KOREA for thisunbelievable experience. It is hard to put into words the excitement that I amfeeling right now. The 18 hour plane ride which will consist mostly of homeworktime and sleep will be the most suspenseful part, in my opinion. This is one ofthose “Hurry up and wait” situations but the payoff for this wait will be wellworth it. Including the getting up at 2am Thursday morning and making a driveto Rapid City, all worth it.

I am going to miss all of my friendshere at BH but I am opening my eyes and heart to every experience that awaitsme on this trip. I am prepared to have my senses on overdrive and my brain wideopen to soak up the culture and traditions of this country.

Gamsaha-mnida, aanyeonghi-ga-seyo.

 (Thank you, good bye.)

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