Careers: The possibilities with a degree in Outdoor Education
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The Outdoor Education program will prepare you for education positions in non-traditional education settings. Common jobs include:

  • interpretive park rangers in state and national parks
  • naturalists in nature centers
  • educators for zoos and aquaria
  • information and education program coordinators for natural resource agencies
  • adventure programmers with youth programs
  • guides with wilderness programs

Our recent graduates are working as naturalists at nature centers, as program coordinators at camps, as youth program wilderness guides, as outdoor retail business owners, as hunter and fishing education coordinators for state wildlife management agencies, in city recreation departments, as outdoor education coordinators with schools, in youth programs with the YMCA, and more.

Are you looking for advanced certification?
Here at BHSU, there are numerous and growing opportunities for certification from national organizations. You can earn the Wilderness First Responder certifications through a partnership established with the National Outdoor Leadership School, or earn the Certified Interpretive Guide certification through a partnership with the National Association of Interpretation.

Interested in going on to grad school?
With a degree in Outdoor Education, you can also go on to graduate school in many of the related fields of environmental education, interpretation, outdoor education, experiential education, natural resources management, leadership studies, and more. If you are considering this option, you should meet with an advisor to select the appropriate electives and complete an undergraduate research project.

BHSU Outdoor Education

The BHSU Outdoor Education Program is a unique composite major that combines studies in environmental science, outdoor education methods, and adventure-based education.

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