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Often students assume that a Speech Communication program is about learning to give speeches. We do teach public speaking as part of our service to the General Education program here at BHSU--many of you will first encounter us in the SPCM 101 course in speaking fundamentals, where you will develop critical thinking skills by preparing and delivering public speeches. And while public speaking is part of what we do, it is only a part. A person who completes a Speech Communication major learns to speak across the whole breadth of speaking contexts: one-on-one, in a small group, in a public situation, in a conflict, in an organization, or through media of various kinds. Our classes offer instruction and practice in all of these areas, as you will find in browsing the classes in our curriculum. What you learn in Speech Communication applies to all fields and disciplines--they all must communicate and cooperate. A Speech major learns to communicate better in all the ways that humans find themselves communicating.

That's because we are a humanistic discipline. That means we treat humans as complete and whole beings, who can be thought of briefly in certain narrow terms (as a career specialist, as an ethnic group member, as a religious believer, as a political advocate, as a family member, as a sample of a biological species, and so on), but who in the end must be treated as a complete and whole being.

What you learn in Speech Communication applies to all fields and disciplines -- they all must communicate and cooperate.

We know you may be a floor manager, or a mother, or a Young Republican or take on any other role we can imagine, but that is not where you stop. That is what we mean by humanism. We would love to tell you more about the Speech Communication program at BHSU. Please come by one of our offices, and any of us would be pleased to talk with you about the program, and to answer your questions, and to show you why our students get excited about pursuing a major in Speech Communication. Check out the Forensics Program.

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