Discover the Speech Program at BHSU

Speech Communication and Speech Communication - Teaching Majors

A student majoring in Speech learns how humans communicate in every possible setting from small to groups or organizations, and for every possible reason, from debates to public speaking. Effective communication skills influence every aspect of life and can serve as the basis for careers in a variety of areas.

Communications majors can go into public relations or other related occupations, while some go on to graduate school or law school. But many students graduate with an education degree and teach speech in Middle Schools or High Schools.

Speech Communication and Speech Communication - Teaching Majors at BHSU offer:

  • The opportunity to join the Forensics Team and participate in debates across the state
  • Small classes with excellent individual attention
  • Highly motivated and experienced faculty
  • Opportunities to use your speech skills in other student organizations, such as the campus radio and TV stations

Majors/Minors Offered

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