Get Involved in the Speech program at BHSU.

We are proud of our students’ active participation in their neighborhood or community's political controversies.  We are proud of our graduates who are mainstays of their community theatres.  We are proud of their struggles to build better, more humane families, and to raise children in those families. 

Our students participate in a debate squad that is a student-supported activity akin to clubs on campus.  The team usually includes ten or more debaters, who scrimmage and critique on weekday afternoons in the debate squad room.  In addition to on-campus demonstration debates, the debaters will demonstrate their argumentative savoir faire at two or three debate tournaments per school year. Debate is a great way to sharpen your mind, hone your analytic habits, make reliable research a regular routine, and quicken your tongue.  It is also a great way to make new friends.  You are welcome to drop by the squad room any time to talk with the outstanding coach, Dr. Charles Follette, or to sit in on an afternoon scrimmage. Visit with one of the faculty, or ask a student about their experience.