BHSU Music Program

Welcome to the Music Program at Black Hills State University. BHSU is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and has a rich history of preparing music educators and performers.


Become Part of the BHSU Music Program

Students can earn a B.S. in Music Education or in Music Performance. Scholarships are available as are work study opportunities and other types of financial awards. The diverse members of the BHSU music faculty are committed to individual mentoring as they encourage each student to excel in all musical styles and to consider a variety of career applications.

In the BHSU music program, you'll be working in one of the finest music facilities in the region. Meier Hall is a new facility that is home to a beautiful recital hall with state of the art recording equipment.


Studying Music

Do you love to make music? If you have had prior music experiences in band, choir, or orchestra; or if you have had private lessons on an instrument, this might be the degree for you! As a music major, you'll study the basic concepts of music, such as music history and theory, as well as more advanced courses in conducting and arranging. You will be able to study voice or an instrument in depth in a one-to-one situation with a qualified professional. The degree will provide you with excellent performance skills , if you choose to pursue a career in this area. The degree will also provide you with knowledge you might use for your private studio or music-related business.

Studying Music Education

The Music Education degree is for those interested in teaching music. The degree includes a complete K-12 public school music certification. As a music education major, you'll study the basic concepts of music, such as music history and theory, as well as taking instrument methods courses and private study. You have specialized classes to teach you about vocal anatomy and voice teaching. And, of course, you'll be honing your personal skills with private instruction with one of our very experienced faculty.

Real Performance Experience

As a music major, you'll recieve regular experiences on our beautiful recital hall stage in solo performances; duets and small ensembles; or in one of our large university sponsored ensembles such as concert band concert choir, chamber singers chamber orchestra, or jazz band. The small class sizes and friendly environment will allow you to form relationships and develop social skills that will serve you well in your career choices.

College and Beyond

Many students combine their music degree with a minor in Entrepreneurship or Business to help them prepare for their own business. Students who are interested in performance, music history, composition, pedagogy or theory may become private teachers, and many choose to continue their professional studies in graduate programs

Getting Started

Contact us online or via phone at 1-800-ALL-BHSU, or apply online now. Please click the requirements for more information about the music programs of study. For information about procedures and requirements within the music department at BHSU, visit our additional information page.


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