Learn Russian at BHSU

Russian program in BHSU

BHSU offers the following Russian language courses on demand:

RUSS 101 Introductory Russian I, and
RUSS 102 Introductory Russian II.

These courses cover the fundamentals of language, enabling students to understand, speak, read and write simple Russian, with emphasis on practical usage.


Russian courses are taught by Dr. Irina Sepsyakova, who has 27 years of college teaching experience. Her field is Russian language and Russian literature. If you have any questions, email Dr. Sepsyakova: Irina.Sepsyakova@bhsu.edu.

 Here are some reasons:

  • At least 170 million speak Russian as their mother tongue, and a further 120 million use it as a communication language. Most of the ex-soviet union countries use Russian as a communication language or at least understand it. You can travel in dozens of countries with Russian, from Vladivostok to Jerusalem.
  • Russian is a beautiful language, even if some consonants are a little hard on the ear; this wonderful language is less difficult than usually thought.
  • Most Russians don't except you to speak their language, so speaking Russian will help you greatly if you travel in Russia or through former Soviet republics.
  • A wealth of books and movies wait for you, and many are accessible from the internet.
  • Russian is the perfect introduction to learning Slavic languages – Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Slovenian, as well as Polish, Czech, Slovak, etc.
  • Learning a new language does not simply gives you one more language – it gives you a way to understanding and appreciating a new culture, world outlook, and mentality of a different people; as a result, you will start looking at familiar things with new eyes: as Ludwig Wittgenstein said, “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”